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Creepy Paranormal Background for Horror Music 4K

Creepy Paranormal Background for Horror Music 4K

Hi, let me explain how it works. In this Gig I provide you with the Paranormal Animated Background that you see on video, with or without customizations. You could use it to insert your Horror Music, your Creepy Voice Over or even at the start of your Paranormal Youtube Live or Gaming Stream.

You could also insert the Cover of your Book which talks about Exorcism or Satanic Sects or the Spotify Art Cover of your Demon Track. And why not your logo in 3d? I’ll cover it with Blood and Cockroaches

Please read carefully before ordering:

Basic offer 5$

40 sec 4K loop without customization

Official 4K Paranormal Animated Background with Rain & Thunder Sound


Standard offer 30$

40 sec 4K loop with simple customization

4K Paranormal Animated Background with your Logo/Photo/Art cover/Book in the center


Premium offer 300$

With advanced customization

4K Paranormal Animated Background with other still or animated 3d object or another advanced customization.

/!\ message me first /!\



Extra :

Basic offer : both 4k Youtube wide version and 1080p Instagram square version : +5$

Standard offer : + 1080p Instagram square version: +20$




Can you include my own music/voice over? yes, message me for a premium offer. The price changes according to the length of the music/audio and the level of customization

Can I have a square version for Instagram? Yes, check the extras or specify it for premium offer

How many revisions do you offer?

Basic offer : 0 / Standard offer : 1 / Premium offer : 3

Is Multi-use allowed? No, I am the only distributor of this Artwork through Fiverr and the other creative platforms.

Can you create a different background? Other than paranormal? Check if my 3d animation Gig is active. Otherwise I count in the future create different backgrounds in other thematic :yoga, nature, meditation, lucid dreams, Jurassic, sci fi, aliens, ancient civilizations .. Add my profile to your favorites so you don’t miss them